November 13, 2012

Clinical-ly Insane...

In the Fitness and Wellness major, I am required to participate in four clinical sites. For those who don't know what "clinical sites" are the best way to explain them is labeling them as "unpaid internships" at various health-related venues. Thus far I have had observation/participation hours at a physical therapy clinic, at a functioning fitness center, and at the sports information office at my home campus. Each site that I have been stationed at has helped me grasp a different aspect of what a career in health and wellness could entail. Being that the stipulations of graduating from my degree program entails the participation in one more clinical site; I am going to have to do my final clinical in Australia. Setting this clinical up is kind of like being placed in one of those game show tubes where the host shoots dollar bills in the air and the person within the tube has to grab at whatever bills they can catch within the time limit. Basically, establishing a connection with a fitness facility in a country on the other side of the world is a hat trick. The director of the Fitness and Wellness major, Ken Baldwin, has linked me with a lady that is fairly well connected in the immediate region surrounding Bond University.  I have been in contact with her describing my studying abroad location, likely living situation, and transportation issues.  From what I can tell, she seems dedicated in matching me up to the perfect site to fulfill my final clinical rotation.  Truthfully, I would love it if she could find a local entrepreneurial shop where the owners distribute surf lessons, swimming lessons, diving lessons, etc.  I would love to see how a distinctive fitness business is run outside of a corporate setting.  Of course, beggars can’t be choosers.  Furthermore, I know that finding a clinical that will allow some girl from New York to hang around for four months is difficult to begin with.  I do not want to limit or narrow Ken’s contact’s ability to secure a venue in which I can stay for the semester logging hours.  Any fitness business will be different than what I am used to because its setting will be in another country!  I just hope everything falls into place smoothly.  Cross your fingers!!

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