February 5, 2013

Two to Tango, One to Salsa...

As the semester starts to gain its momentum, I am pushed into a rhythm of classes, tutorials, lecture readings, and homework.  The library on campus is constantly overwhelmed by students and the hustle and bustle of study groups.  But the studious nature of Bond University is quickly undermined by the impeding background of assorted social events.  Bond has so many clubs, sponsored events, and encouraged school trips that it's difficult to truly be one-track minded.  Last week, I took it upon myself to join the Salsa Club.  This club meets for two hours every Monday night and breaks down the movement patterns of two styles of dance: Rueda and Salsa.  Rueda (for those that do not know) is a dance that originated in Havana, Cuba in the 1950's.  Rueda is very much like salsa except that it is done in pairs.  Truly I had no idea what to expect when I arrived for the first time in the aerobics studio for lessons.  The instructor, rightly fit with the name Javier, excitedly ushered me into the studio and immediately began correcting my form and postures.  I can honestly say that the night of instruction was wasted mostly on my behalf as the rest of the club members were of Spanish descent and familiar to the styles of dance.  So many Spanish words were yelled out loud and I remember only "Si".  At the end of the night, I was invited out to dinner and encouraged to keep practicing the steps that were introduced to me.  The instructor handed out fliers for a dance coming up soon: the Valentine's Salsa Under the Stars event in the city.  I think that attending this event could be largely embarrassing to me and the rest of the salsa-lovers out there in the world, but something is telling me that I should go.  I mean if I already dance as horribly as the blonde girl from Dirty Dancing Havana Nights (the first twenty five minutes of that movie), then it is possible that I will meet a nice Cuban dancer reminiscent of the late Patrick Swayze.  ...Monday nights at Bond University just got slightly less studious and a little more interesting.

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  1. That sounds like so much fun gf!! Now its my turn to live vicariously through you =]