February 25, 2013

Australia, I'm in love

These past few weeks in Australia have seemingly flown right by.  Maybe it was the unexpected summer showers, the surprising sunsets, the bustle of classes, or the ease of settling into one's schedule that made the time pass as it did.  I suspect that the weekend excursions to the Springbrook Rain forest and Moreton Island further aided in the flight of the days.  Springbrook's rain forest seemed untouched and truly cinematic.  Although when I ventured there, it rained unabashedly, I was still able to distinguish the many natural wonders.  I loved seeing the waterfalls, tree canopies, thick vines, lizards and snakes, feeding the birds, exploring the glow worm caves, and scaling the wet rock surfaces of the forest.  Being far away from my university for some reason made me feel more relaxed and like I was exploring something truly magnificent.  Away from the city lights and the constant sounds of cars I was able to breathe some much needed fresh air!
The following weekend though, was much more enjoyable because the rain held off and provided for the most pleasant sunshine.  On Moreton Island (slightly off the Gold Coast and farther north) I camped for two days with my room mate, Amanda.  We were treated to a 4x4 tour that bopped all over the island to the best viewing spots and activities.  Lucky me, was seated in the front seat and had the luxury of viewing everything up close and personal!  I got to learn about Aboriginal dream time stories, snorkel near some ship wrecks, swim with the dolphins, sand board down sand dunes,  hike to the oldest lighthouse in Queensland, cook in a camp, swim in a blue lagoon, and jump over waves in the bluest ocean ever known to man.  I honestly never wanted to leave this island and strongly considered grabbing the nearest provisions and running for the woods.  However, I was struck with reality and the need to return for school on Monday.  ...I took so many photos and videos before leaving because I knew that I'd never be able to accurately or justly explain the beauty of Moreton to the rest of my friends and family.  Australia, I didn't think that I could fall in love with a country, but maybe I was wrong!

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