September 10, 2012

Blank pages are intimidating

In every study abroad application there is a section to write a descriptive personal statement.  In this statement you are supposed to explain your reason for studying abroad and how it will directly relate to your academic degree program.  Today I started this personal statement and I found that I didn't know where to begin or how to explain myself.  I kept staring at a painfully blank paper.  Then I started panicking.  Did I even have a justifiable reason to go abroad?  Blank paper.  I got so frustrated I started talking out loud, "Why do you want to study abroad at Bond University, Rachel?"...And then something inside me just unlocked.  My mind flooded with all the reasons that I wanted to take my studies to Australia:

-To adapt to a new culture and society in a vastly different environment
-To inspire myself to leave my comfort zone
-To motivate myself to follow through with my own personal fitness goals
-To make memories that will last a lifetime
-To explore new and different fitness venues
-To quench my thirst for travel
-To inspire my friends, family, and class mates to try something new
-To distinguish my resume
-To make new friends and connections
-To fulfill a life-long dream
-To have a big adventure
-To grow as an individual and fitness professional
-To challenge myself in a new setting
-To see new sites and landmarks
-To discover myself and what I'm capable of

...I couldn't not think of a reason for me to study abroad.  I want this more than a package of bobby pins wants to go missing!  I know I want to study at Bond University.  I mean, if I didn't want to go abroad then I wouldn't have gone looking for a way to make it possible.  I guess sometimes it's the simple questions that stump you.  I'm glad that it didn't stump me for long.  I was meant to do this.  Every day that I get closer to going to Australia, I get closer to touching a dream.  It's unreal right now, but that feeling won't be permanent.  This isn't like my dream to literally run into Zac Efron during a good hair day.  Not only is going abroad actually possible, it's going to happen!

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