September 27, 2012

A Pretty Big Step

Ladies and gentlemen, I finally finished my study abroad application!  I mainly had to wait for certain signatures from faculty along with reference paperwork, but nevertheless the application is ready to be submitted.  So many trips to the study abroad office in Kehoe (a building on campus), numerous calls to staff within that office, and countless emails to-and-from professors and my academic advisor all to finalize the above image.  To be honest, I have no idea how a completed application is supposed to look.  Am I supposed to hand it over with all the papers stapled together?  Should the application be submitted in an envelope as to appear more official?  Or can I take the "Elle Woods" route, and dress up my application with a coverpage and cheetah print binding?  By the picture, I'm sure that you all have guessed which option I chose.  In addition to the application paperwork, three scholarship submissions are also due alongside.  I have worked really hard on these essays and have sent different edited versions to my sister (an experienced editor) for corrections and advice.  This application has been all that I have thought about for months.  I have had dreams of my application getting lost, getting deleted, flying out of my hands during a freak windstorm, and being attacked by jam-covered kindergarteners on some random class fieldtrip through campus. 
Step one has always been to complete the application and send it into the study abroad office by the required date.  It's such an easy step in theory, but this step truly begins a pretty big journey for me.  Everything from here is essentially uncharted waters.  Finally, my adventure begins!

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