December 19, 2012

Crossing "T"s and Dotting "I"s

As every day brings me closer and closer to flying out of New York and arriving in Australia, I become more and more anxious.  I try to tackle something that needs to get done each day.  I still have a laundry list of things from me to San Francisco that need to be completed, but the designation of smaller tasks each day is helping me not become too overwhelmed.  Currently, I am taking a break from packing up my apartment.  It is hard to imagine that I somehow managed to keep all of my stuff in this tiny space!  I understand the decorators at AppleBees and TGIFs; I applied the same logic to how I decorated my own apartment!  As I am packing, I am trying to be mindful about the items I plan to take with me in my luggage.  I was told by others who had studied abroad that it is a good idea to pack less and to buy what you needed upon arrival because essentially everything that you bring is something that you have to carry.  It has become apparent that I want to bring my entire closet with me.  In addition to packing both my apartment and my luggage, I am trying to confirm certain details about my semester abroad.  In previous posts, I had mentioned that I had to work at a clinical site (fitness facility performing an unpaid internship) while studying abroad in Australia.  My contact, Tracy, has confirmed that the facility that I will be working at is titled "Kudos Health Club".  The facility is pristine and located about seventeen minutes away from Bond University.  I am beyond excited to have this hands-on experience of learning about fitness from professionals who have the highest of qualifications.  Feeling curious?  Follow the link below to see where I will be spending 96+ hours during my spring semester!

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