December 27, 2012

Let It Snow!...After I leave

A wild snow storm swept into Plattsburgh on thursday, leaving over eighteen inches of snow behind.  As snowplow trucks, tractors, and shovels made their appearances, I couldn't help but be reminded that in eight, short days I would not have to worry about the unpredictable snow storms characteristic of winters in New York.  Unfortunately, most of my packing has been completed, including the packaging of most of my winter clothing.  I am hopeful that the remaining days that I have here in New York are slightly warmer than the current predictions.  The last thing that I need is constant, bad weather while loading a U-Haul outside of my unplowed apartment complex!  Furthermore, I know that at the very last minute, I am going to be running around and searching for things essential for my trip that I forgot (it happens to all of us).  Sliding into a snowy bank would be a great thing to avoid--I hope the weather starts lightening up.  With my car buried in snow, I think to myself, "Australia just can't come fast enough!"

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