December 14, 2012

Making A List And Checking It Twice...

Last week, I finally purchased my flight to Australia. Originally, I was waiting for an answer from the study abroad office to see if I could arrive one day late for orientation (as to save money on my flight).  However, with the prices of plane tickets rising with each passing day, I couldn't wait for their response.  I decided to arrive on-time for orientation week (January 7th) and pay the ridiculous amount for my plane ticket....$3000.  Purchasing that flight in particular was hard for me to do just because it was so much money!!  Before I approved the flight by clicking the "confirm" button, I got all nervous.  Immediately after, I stood up, printed my confirmation, and then hugged the nearest librarian.  Just to be clear, I was in the library.  I didn't run to a library and randomly search for a librarian to hug, that would just be a whole different kind of weird.  Later on that week, I finalized my living accomodation for an off-site housing area called "The Reserve" (  This apartment complex is wicked expensive and looks absolutely gorgeous.  However, it demands the same price (if not less money) than staying in the dorms on campus at Bond University.  Obviously, if you can save money in a foreign country without having to compromise too much on quality--do it. 
So, all-in-all, I think I'm pretty close to being completely "set" (documentation-wise) in terms of leaving for Australia. I have my flight, I have my living accomodation, I have my health plan finalized, my classes confirmed, my student identfication card, my meal plan arranged and my passport in-hand.  The only thing that I am nervous about is my visa.  I sent out for it a few weeks ago, and it has not arrived yet.  A visa allows you to study in another country for an extended amount of time.  In my case, my visa duration is for approximately four months.  I can't fly to Australia without it!  So, in the meantime, I'm trying NOT to freak out about that small, little, pretty significant detail.  Instead I'm focusing my efforts on making copies of important documents, packing up my apartment, figuring out what I will need to pack in my luggage, and making purchases that will be needed abroad (power converters, camera, tracfone with international calling card, etc.). 
I can't believe that I'm leaving for Australia in 3 weeks!

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