October 14, 2012

...now for the many baby steps to follow

My study abroad application was accepted!  I jumped up and down before I found out that my application was accepted in order to start the next phase of the application process.  That's right, the application process consists of more than one, big step.  In reality, you have to first apply for the program that you want to pursue through your home campus.  Once you are approved, then you can apply directly to the university you want to go to abroad.  So, technically I'm NOT completely "accepted" yet.  The application that I have to fill out for Bond University is online.  Although, it's more paperwork, it's paperwork that's going to take me across the world!  And as soon as I hear that I'm truthfully-honest-to-goodness-really-accepted I will start doing my "Rachel" dance.  This dance is not pretty and is disturbingly akin to Carlton's from the show the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  But the point is that all the paperwork is getting me closer and closer to my dream and that makes me excited.  I can't believe that I have only a half a semester left here in New York before I take my education to another country!  Is it too soon to pack my luggage?

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